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Location: 17 Kms from Kausani (Uttranchal )
Nearest Town: River Gomti
Significance: The Temples Are More Than 1000 Years Old

Baijnath Temple -  Kausani, Uttranchal  This temple complex is located 17 kms from Kausani. Baijnath Temple complex has many historic ruins. The temples of Baijnath group are decorated with some intricate and delicate carvings.

The sculptures are are also made to precision and tell a saga of craftsmanship which existed in those days. These temples are located 3 kms from Garud Bazar along river Gomti. The mere location of Baijnath temples mesmerises visitors.

The statues and carvings done on the stone are really some piece of creation. The idols are so lively that it appears as if they are going to speak now. These temples are 1000 years old but some of them are believed to be older. People come here to enjoy themselves on the banks of river Gomti and feed the fishes there. This temple complex has come up as a major picnic spot.

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