Wild Animals in India

India: the land of the majestic tiger and the graceful elephant, the magnificent peacock and the gigantic rhinoceros, offers natural habitat to the wild and is indeed, a delight for the nature lover. To protect this national treasure, India has many wildlife sanctuaries and protection laws. The wildlife parks and sanctuaries spread across the country offer a fascinating diversity of terrain, flora and fauna. India has preserved vast tracts of forests and habitats in its 80 National Parks and 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries. So next time you travel to India, take a refuge in the quietude along with the wild and watch the exuberance of the bountiful nature!

India is the home of hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, and thousands of birds. The varied climate and landscape make it an ideal place for the wildlife. The rivers and the dense forests of the western Ghats add to the ecosystem, encouraging further growth.

The peninsular India has a variety of wild animals such as elephant, muntjak, sambar, wild boar, guar, chettal, hog deer, swamp deer or barasingha, nilgai, blackbuck, wild dog, tiger, leopard, lion, hyena, jackal, jungle cat, common mongoose, wolf, squirrel, hare etc. The spotted deer, nilgai, blackbuck, four-horned antelope (chausingha) and sloth bear found in the triangular land bounded by the Vindhyas in the north and the western and eastern ghats on the other two sides, constitute the true Indian fauna which are not found anywhere else outside India.

Just like the terrain and landscape, there's no dearth of wildlife in India and travelling through the varied wildlife habitats located in various regions of India make any wildlife lover crave for more. The attention-grabbers from the Indian Animal Kingdom include the Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion, the Great One-Horned Rhinoceros and the Indian Elephant.

Till now you have seen these "Great Four" animals on the T.V. screen or in wildlife magazines, documentaries or probably in zoo. But, have you ever had a close encounter with any of them, till now, and that too on their land; then visit any of the numerous wildlife reserves in India and take a closer look of their wild world. Watching a Tiger just few inches away, may give some chill, but it will be the most thrilling experience of you life. So plan a trip to visit the Indian wild regions and witness the varied natural heritage of India.

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