Birdwatching Holidays in India

Wildlife is not just about animals, but birds too. Usually when people visit the wildlife sanctuaries, they miss out the avifauna of that wild hub, because the major scene stealers of any wildlife are predators like Tigers and Leopards. Still, if you ever get a chance to visit the bird sanctuaries of India, make sure to pay more attention on bird watching and you'll know why this sport is catching up as the best wildlife leisure activity in India.

India is probably the only country in the world that can boast of harbouring as varied and rich a birdlife as it does. Home to well over a thousand species, of which about 100 are to be found only in India, this country is a veritable paradise for any birdwatcher. The reason for this treasure-trove of species is undoubtedly the fact that India encompasses almost all the ecosystems to be found on the planet, ranging from the hot and humid evergreen forests of the north-east and south-west to the scorching deserts making up most of the western state of Rajasthan, providing habitats for variously adapted species, both residents and migrants, the latter numbering about 250 species. Two species, the Pinkheaded Duck and the Mountain Quail are now considered extinct whereas the Jerdon`s Courser and the Forest Owlet were redicovered recently after a gap of more than a century.

Even a cursory glance at the Indian countryside will reveal roughly 150 very common species, ranging from the ubiquitous House Sparrow and Indian Myna to such birds as the Red-vented Bulbul, Black Drongo and White-breasted Kingfisher. Common raptors include Black and Brahminy Kites, Honey Buzzard, Shikra and Egyptian Vulture. Waterbirds also offer quite a spectacle, especially in the winter, when the migratory waders arrive. Common resident species are White-breasted Waterhen, Indian Moorhen and Black-winged Stilt.

Birdwatching Vacation in India
Birdwatching is nothing new as far as wildlife activities in India are concerned and if you are a curious bird watcher who just craves to solve questions regarding birds and their habitats then just check out the famous bird sanctuaries of India.

The best time to visit India from an ornithological standpoint is no doubt the months between October and April as, in addition to the variety of resident species, migratory waterfowl, raptors, starlings & other passerines and a host of other species are also to be seen all around the Indian countryside.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Location : Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Nearest Access : Bharatpur
Main Wildlife Found : Coot Snipes, Spanish Sparrow, Red Crested Porhard, Rosy Pelican and Flamingo
Coverage Area : 232-sq-kms

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Location : Sultanpur, Haryana
Nearest Access : Sultanpur, The park is just a short drive away from the Delhi - Jaipur highway.
Main Wildlife Found : Darters, Egrets, Shovellers, Gadwell, Geese, Teals, Kingfishers
Coverage Area : 395-sq-kms

Jim Corbett National Park
Location : Uttaranchal
Nearest Access : Ramnagar
Main Wildlife Found : Tigers, Leopards, Crocodiles and Avifauna
Coverage Area : 1,200-sq-kms.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary
Location : 13 Kms Of North-East Of Kothamangalam, Kerala
Nearest Access : Aluva (48 kms)
Main Wildlife Found : Malabar Grey Hornbill, Crimson-Throated Barbet, Bee-Eater
Coverage Area : 25 sq. kms.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Location : 12 Kms From Kottayam, Kerala
Nearest Access : Kumarakom
Main Attractions : Water Fowls, Siberian Cranes
Best Season : November To March

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary
Location : Near Eluru and 60-km From Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Nearest Access : Vijayawada
Main Attractions : Painted storks, open bill storks, Grey Herons, cormorants, white Ibises, glossy Ibises, egrets
Best Season : June To August

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctury
Location : 65 Kms Southwest of Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Nearest Access : Ahmedabad
Main Attractions : Cranes, flamingoes, pelicans, ducks, storks and other birds
Coverage Area : 115 sq. kms.

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