National Parks in India

It is exciting to be in India and it is far more exciting to be in the confines of an Indian National park. Away from the confines of concrete jungles that covers most part of the big cities, greenery and fresh air provided by Indian wildlife Parks as far cry from the usual. Wildlife heritage of India is as much or more diverse than the cultural heritage this country posses. One of the major mega diversity countries in the world, India houses a good number of wildlife species found nowhere else on this globe. India is a natural place for the wildlife enthusiasts of the world to be. The reasons are simple but exciting. India currently has 80 National Parks.

Due to a consistent decrease in the standard of wildlife, Govt. Of India initiated the formation of National Parks. Covering all of India are 10 National Parks capturing the vast landscape comprising of vegetation, tree and grasslands interspersed with wild forest. You can view some of the highly endangered animals like Tiger and Leopard along with the common ones like the Fishing cat, Jungle cat and the Leopard cat. One can also see the crocodiles and many migratory birds using these parks such as Bandhavgarh National Park, Bandipur National Park etc as nesting ground.

Bandhavgarh National Park
Location : Umaria, Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Access : Umaria, Jabalpur, Khajuraho
Main Wildlife Found : Tigers, Great Gaur, Indian Bison, Leopards
Coverage Area : 448 sq km.

Corbett National Park
Location : Uttaranchal
Nearest Access : Ramnagar
Main Wildlife Found : Tigers, Leopards, Crocodiles
Coverage Area : 1,200-sq-kms.

Kanha National Park
Location : Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Access : Mandla
Main Wildlife Found : Tigers, Leopards, Bears
Coverage Area : 1,940-sq-kms

Ranthambore National Park
Location : Near Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan.
Nearest Access : Sawai Madhopur
Main Wildlife Found : Tigers, Leopards, Boars
Coverage Area : 392-sq-kms

Kaziranga National Park
Location : Bokakhat (23-kms), Assam.
Nearest Access : Bokakhat
Main Wildlife Found : Rhinos, Tigers, Leopards
Coverage Area : 430-sq-kms

Sundarbans National Park
Location : Piyali, West Bengal.
Nearest Access : Gosaba (50-kms)
Main Wildlife Found : Bengal Tiger, Ridley Sea Turtle
Coverage Area : 1330.10-sq-kms

Manas National Park
Location : Assam, North East India.
Nearest Access : Guwahati (176-kms)
Main Wildlife Found : Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants
Coverage Area : 391-sq-kms

Bandipur National Park
Location : Karnataka
Nearest Access : Mysore & Ooty (80-kms)
Main Wildlife Found : Asian Elephants and Gaurs
Coverage Area : 874.20-sq-kms

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