Wildlife Safari in India

Images of 'Sherkhan'- the tiger , 'Baloo'- the bear and 'Colonel Hathi'- the elephant, come to mind whenever there is a reference to wildlife and India. So impressed was Rudyard Kipling with the 'Jungles' - harbouring the myriad species of animals & birds, the romance and fears associated with the ' wild ', and the ways and lives of people living in harmony with nature, that he based the story of his 'Jungle Book' in the wilds of India !

Wildlife heritage of India is as much or more diverse than the cultural heritage this country posses. One of the major mega diversity countries in the world, India houses a good number of wildlife species found nowhere else on this globe. India is a natural place for the wildlife enthusiasts of the world to be. The reasons are simple but exciting.

Wildlife watching itself is a pleasure in India. The choices are immense and compelling. Just imagine going for a wildlife safari and searching for tigers sitting on the back of a big tusker. Most of the wildlife sanctuaries in India have facilities for wildlife watching and bird watching on jeeps, special buses, elephants, cycles, and using other vehicles. For the exciting, enchanting and ultimate experience in wildlife adventure in India there are several famous wildlife safari like the Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthmbore National Park and the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

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