Indian Yoga and Meditation Therapies: Panacea of all the major diseases
Origin of Yoga and Meditation: 26,000 years ago, known as the 'Age of Gold'
Major Yoga Meditation Destinations: Kerala, Uttaranchal, Bihar

Yoga and meditation are the best possible therapeutic treatments for anybody. Revive the exhaustive energy levels and get a spiritual experience that has benefits beyond any medicine or aerobic exercise. This age old form of exercise has been considered as a panacea of all the major diseases and disorders that stem out from demanding and grueling life style of today. Started and propagated from India, Yoga and Meditation has become the integral part of life today.

When all else fails to ease and calm your mind, a therapeutic session of Yoga is sure to relax you and fill you with peace and serenity. India is a land where Yoga and Meditation, a 26,000 years old scientific technique for spiritual development was developed and practiced. Yoga is an originally Indian concept that was propounded by the ancient Indian sage Patanjali and is derived from the Sanskrit word Yog which means 'union,' presumably union with the divine being or God.

Yoga is not a religion in India rather it has been way of life since ages. Earlier sages used to practice these art in secluded and serene place of great mountains. But these days, you have many Yoga and Mediation institute springing up in parts of the world. But you won't disagree with the fact that, the experience and fun, of doing these great arts in its own country of origin will leave you with a unique feeling. There are so many places in India like Risikesh, Kanyakumari, Auroville and many more places in India that offers these classes.

It is a secular and scientific methodology of the experience and integration of the mind-body-spirit. It consists of a large body of varied techniques through a balanced practice of Astanga or the eight limbs of yoga. Regular practice of Yoga and meditation will lead you towards a healthier life with sound mind. It will soothe your agitated senses and fill you with a sense of well-being, and at the most, help you to attain nirvana or Moksha, the ultimate unification of the body, mind and soul with the entire universe, as one interconnected whole.

The word "Yoga" is derived from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. It means oneness, and forms the central thought of yoga, that the individual is a part of the whole universe...

Meditation is defined as sustained and uninterrupted concentration leading to a highly focused mind. Meditation begins with concentration, which makes the mind steady...

Popular Yoga & Meditation Destinations
India is a land of inherent spirituality and people have been traveling here to find solace in its ancient wisdom since time immemorial. India is the birthplace of the concept of Yoga...

Spiritual India
India is a kaleidoscope of religions and cultures. India's glorious diversity extends to religious life as well. In words it is very difficult to explain how so many distinct and different traditions together form one India.

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